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Skilled Therapy Services

A natural extension of your organization, our team of Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists provide individualized, caring treatments, as well as outstanding clinical outcomes to your residents.

Healthcare Billing

Providing accurate, timely and efficient healthcare billing and collection services to Home Health agencies, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), Hospice agencies, and outpatient therapy practices

We'll take care of YOU, so you can care for THEM

People, Excellence, Accountability & Improvement

For over 20 years, Alta Health Services has been a leading provider of services for skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, assisted living centers, outpatient facilities, home care companies and other healthcare providers.

Alta helps clients meet their billing, administrative and physical therapy challenges through the use of modern systems and experienced people – and by providing the best health care services available. In addition to providing clients with great service, Alta offers a large variety of employment opportunities. Alta employees enjoy flexibility, career growth and professional development.

At Alta Health Services, we’ll take care of you, so you can care for them.

Client Testimonials

Our non-profit neurorehabilitation clinic has complex billing needs. We see high acuity patients over an extended period of time, providing both supplemental and charity care. The expertise available through Alta Health Service has made a tremendous difference in the success of our mission. Their customized expertise has allowed us to shorten our billing-to-collection time, eliminate errors, and increase our revenues while reducing the account aging substantially. The staff is professional, focused and very responsive to concerns and problems.

Dale Hull
October 28, 2015